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Fun Times!
Parent Testimonials
Excellent and nurturing child care

"Our three children have been at Step by Step since each was about 5-6 months old. Our oldest, who is about to begin kindergarten soon, has been at Step by Step for almost 4.5 years now.  We highly recommend Step by Step. The primary caregivers are very nurturing, responsible, and caring. They love the kids and the kids love them. We love our daycare so much that we have seriously considered moving to the Sunset just to make the drop-off and pick-up easier and have had the caregivers babysit for our children on weekends. 
We trust Margaret Vilk, who runs the daycare, so completely that she is like family. She is one of our first emergency contacts for our children, the first person we ask if we need a babysitter, and someone we ask for childcare advice.
Our daycare is pretty different from other home daycares because it has a preschool-style approach. For example, there is a weekly music class and a weekly dance class. They teach the alphabet, writing, counting, months, songs, etc. They do arts and crafts projects every week (painting, drawing, etc.) and for holidays. They have birthday parties for every child. I almost fell out of my chair when my then 2.5 year old daughter wrote her name. And my husband and I did not teach her!"

Homely and Friendly Atmosphere

"We just introdeced our 7.5 month old baby boy to Margaret's Day Care and it has been a wonderful experience so far! Margaret and her people take very good care of our little one and our baby loves them! The kids around are super cute and very interactive, the day care fosters sharing and learning at the same time. We brought our baby to this day care because we only heard good things about it from our friends who had both their kids with Margaret...and I have no qualms about our decision to send our baby here!!!"

Can't Say Enough!

"We can't say enough good things about Margaret and her team at Step by Step! They have such a warm and loving environment, I never had any qualms about dropping my son off each morning. The favorite part of my day quickly became picking him up and discovering all the new things he learned on the car ride home. His verbal abilities really skyrocketed, and Margaret was always wonderful about providing updates and working with us as different milestones approached. Margaret has created a wonderful community at Step by Step and it has been a real privilege to be part of it!"

Our extended family 

"We have only the best to say about Margaret and Step by Step Child Care. We've sent both of our boys to Step by Step, and would recommend it to any family without reservation. Margaret is like our extended family, providing a very nurturing and welcoming environment, while keeping the children busy and learning all of the pre-school basics. The children also really enjoy the special music and dance classes, and we absolutely love the performances as a result." 

Care, education, social skills & FUN!

"This well-located Sunset district daycare, near West Portal and Parkside neighborhoods, has been a god-send to our family. Our bright, hilarious and affectionate children have attended Step by Step since 2007. 
* Loving, attentive staff and director.
* Intelligently scheduled activities, meals and naps.
* Lots of reading, arts & crafts and generous play.
* Music and dance programs.
* Manners and sharing calmly and positively reinforced.
* Separate room and individual cots for children.
* Sunny, organized play area.
* Very limited television viewing. 
* Great co-operative spirit and comradery among parents.
* Mini "United Nations" type diversity; lots of languages and cultures represented.
* Excellent communication from Step by Step director."

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